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Tasks for Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse Logistics tasks include ensuring fast and efficient flow of goods driven by a company’s sales and procurement activities. The major challenge here is to optimize warehouse processes so that items will be delivered in time even at peak periods (for example with seasonal business). Very often it is essential that incoming items are sent to the customer on the same day.

In addition the software also connects to the consigner by and  to suppliers, providing electronic reporting of upcoming deliveries, as well as providing shipping confirmation to customers.

Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Subdivision into storage places, storage locations and zones
  • Definition of storage classes like refrigerated areas, antistatic, heated etc.
  • Planning of incoming deliveries
  • Plan and control storage place quantities on the basis of volume and/or weight
  • Automatic storage bin search in accordance to capacity/item properties    
  • Define fixed storage locations for important items and prioritize storage places
  • Various outward stock movement methods: First-In-First-Out, Last-In-First-Out, First-Expired-, First-Out
  • Optional multi-state logical processes like division, order, goods in and storage or order, outgoing goods and commission.
  • location optimization
  • Re-boxing/repackaging
  • Creating bundles
  • Manage serial and batch numbers
  • Inventories
  • Integration with mobile data recording (ADCS)
  • Various complex logistic control functions for each storage location
  • Define transfer routes between various storage locations
  • Specification of necessary storage aids for storage/commission     
  • Drop shipment/direct deliveries to customers via separate shipping addresses per order by invoice to own customers per receipt or bulk billing


Extension of the Anveo Product Family

We recommend the following Anveo extension