Our services for improved customer contact

Direct contact with our customers is very important to us– with our service and support we offer maximal transparency during adaptation and development of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions:

  • Remote control for product presentations or for support issues
    Via a very easy-to-use remote control, we can present our products and offer you our customer support.

  • Live presentation
    Download ZIP file

  • Support: please download the program below and run it on your computer
    Download ZIP file

  • 24h support hotline
    Your company may have business hours beyond normal opening hours - or is in another time zone, or you need urgent support after closing time – it’s no obstacle for us to ensure good availability. Our team can be reached on our emergency telephone lines and is always available for last minute support via the internet and VPN.

  • Web based task management
    Through jointly organized task lists, you benefit from efficient workflow for all during implementation and optimization of your software solutions. Coordination of different systems is no longer necessary – as we offer an insight into the current status and development of our web based task management.

  • Ticketing system
    With our ticketing system your employees can report problems or improvement suggestions directly to us. Utilizing our pre-defined catalogue of measures, we can react immediately or collect ideas for a personal meeting at your office.