financialmanagement 05

Financial management tasks

Financial management of a company hinges on its financial management.  Financial accounting prepares balance sheets, income statements, and provides economic analysis and provides a basis for decisions for further business development. Reliable and straight forward analysis taking up to date information into account is essential.

Customer and vendor postings are managed by the sales and accounts payable department, keeping an eye on claims and liabilities and ensuring optimal liquidity planning.

Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated financial management tool which directly combines financial, asset, sales and accounts payable data. For example, entries in the sales ledgerare automatically entered in corresponding accounts, freeing up sales staff from having to think about the structure of G/L accounts. Flexible booking group configuration, means setting this up can be done in just a few minutes.

Key services

  • Individual accounting periods
  • Multi-user environment
  • Bank account management separate to G/L accounts, entering and booking of account statements
  • Recurring entries
  • Protection of confidential data though allocation of access rights down to data set level
  • Multi-currency compatible
  • Separate booking in report currency for analysis purposes.
  • Intercompany bookings for the consolidation of data from several companies
  • Dimensions to analyze your business with various criteria
  • Detailed traceability of bookings
  • Change Log
  • Budget planning
  • Multilingual user interface

Extensions to the Anveo product family

The following extensions of the Anveo product family are also interesting for financial management: