Business solutions for wholesale with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Wholesale companies constantly face a vast number of challenges: the need to offer a wide product range for the best price together with short and reliable delivery times. Detailed requirements planning is essential to successfully structure logistics processes. Reliable information about suppliers’ delivery times, combined with warehouse stockand customers’ desired delivery dates mean wholesalers juggling with a variety of data on a daily basis. To handle this successfully, a fully integrated software solution which efficiently supports all employees is essential.

Competition is fierce: by quickly comparing products with the competitors’ via the internet and providing detailed and reliable information to customers are key factors for long-term survival. Availabilities down to the minute, live-reservations via B2B shops or electronic connections with all partners byElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) are just some of the possibilities to guarantee  closer cooperation and ensure customer loyalty.


Relevant benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Ordering process
  • Requirements planning
  • Find Best Price functionality


  • Display sales
  • Make offers
  • Price lists: customized sales prices and discounts
  • Availability planning
  • Binding delivery dates
  • Multicurrency capability
  • Multilanguage vouchers


  • Inventory locations and storage areas
  • Planning of incoming deliveries
  • Planning and controlling storage quantities
  • Various stock issue methods: First-In-First-Out, Last-In-First-Out, First-Expired-First-Out
  • Location optimization
  • Packaging/repackaging
  • Creating  bundles
  • Managing serial and charge numbers
  • Stocktaking

Extensions of the Anveo Product Family

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