Business processes for your industry

Your business is unique, and your business software should be as individual as your company. Conion Media with its Anveo product family offers you a modular system and provides tailored solutions for various industries. ,

From the pool of Dynamics NAV extensions we give you the possibility to decide what  you want to install and implement. Very often software systems offer a vast diversity of functions which make implementation and usage  unnecessarily costly.

Understanding your needs

As a result of  our existing implementations, we very often have already created similar scenarios which assist us in quickly understanding your needs and implementing them into a software process. Proven methodology during project initiation and later support guarantee excellent communication and easier decision-making processes - which can also be supported on demand by conion media task management.

Industry-specific modules from the Anveo product family

Every industry has typical usage scenarios which many companies have in common. Consequently there are typical Anveo add-ons for every industry – please have a look at our recommendations on the following pages.

Bespoke implementations

Our industry solutions are like Microsoft Dynamics NAV itself and are always open to bespoke implementations and extensions to give your business processes that final touch.