Managing images, videos and documents

Anveo Media Server helps you manage various digital media such as Word, Excel or PDF documents, pictures and videos.

Introduce more structure to your database and don’t just leave it to an individual employee or department as they put media on servers: a clearly defined and consistent naming of all folders and subfolders facilitates the storing and retrieval of media – company wide.


Often, new media should be transformed into a standard format, making it available for other users for further usage without any technical hurdles. For example, pictures are converted into the common JPEG format and desired size. The original file is kept in a separate file and can be accessed anytime as a target format for future data sources.

The Anveo Media Server also converts videos into your desired data format, this allows them for example to be easily embedded into websites, making them available to be downloaded.


Anveo Media Server is a valuable tool for a structured clean product database without media breaks – saving your employees valuable time otherwise spent searching for documents or for time consuming conversions. This can all be done automatically with Anveo Media Server.

Integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Anveo Media Server is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Therefore it is possible to access all media directly from the usual working environment. Open the required information directly from an item card or an order line. A centralized database eliminates elaborate multiple maintenance procedures – resulting in a single and well-maintained system for the most efficient handling of your data.

Quality control

You can define various levels of quality; check at a glance whether product information or media is missing and thus achieve the quality level you demand.

Classify media

Define you own attributes for an item or media. This allows precise definable exports and automatic creation of PDF documents from your data pool.

Exports and connection

You can offer downloads from your database to your partners and customers, tailored to their specific needs: furnished with images with precise measurements and clearly defined formats helping you build customer loyalty with  your business partners.