Electronic connectivity to your business partners

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Connect your suppliers, partners and customers electronically to your business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and exchange item and order data, invoices and inventory information or any other information - automated and controlled.

With the electronic connection of business processes with your partners, you can avoid media breaks through direct document exchange between ERP systems. Always be up to date with direct processing to increase transparency and provide you with better data for your decisions.

Connect all your partners: obtain delivery notices, current price lists, input availabilities and send orders to your suppliers. Provide your customers with individual price lists, availabilities and take orders electronically.

Anveo EDI Connect lets you exchange numerous messages reliably while ensuring you always have an overview with the intelligent control console.


  • 100% Dynamics NAV code
  • No third-party software necessary (no converter)
  • No external EDI service provider required

Integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Anveo EDI Connect is a 100% Dynamics NAV application and can be operated by the user from there.  For file transfer activities, the following formats are available: XML, EDIFACT, CSV/Text. It is also possible to connect separate transfer software.

Message – console control

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages with the console control. In the case of any faults, you are automatically informed and can solve problems using direct links to relevant information.

Ensuring quality

Define authorized performance indicators which are supervised during business operations – if these are exceeded, a selected employee is automatically informed.

Easy set-up

All field mappings are set in Dynamics NAV. You can use all EDIFACT message types (UNECE/GS1/EANCOM) like: INVOIC Invoice, ORDERS Purchase Orders, ORDCHG Order Change Request, ORDRSP Order Response, DESADV Dispatch Advice, PRICAT Price Catalogue, SLSRPT Sales Report, INVRPT Inventory Report, REMADV Remittance Advice, OSTRPT Order Status Report